Wrinkles in your carpet

Over time your carpet may start to wrinkle. this can either be caused by poor installation or even age. These wrinkles can cause permanent creases, wearing, and even injury risk due to tripping! It is important that you get this taken care of as soon as you start noticing any wrinkles or lose carpet. This will not only improve the appearance of your carpet but vastly increase its life.

We offer full room stretching and can even take care of small annoying wrinkles near walls. Any lose carpet should be taken care of as soon as possible. Call today and set up an estimate to have your lose carpet taken care of!

Maintaining your air ducts

Here is a question for you. When is the last time you had your air condition and vents cleaned? If you answered never, or you can’t remember, do not feel bad. A large majority of people never have. This how ever is an extremely important part of your home to keep clean even though it is usually the last thing most people even think about. Your air ducts are a major factor in indoor air quality.

That is right your air condition and vents are a big factor in your daily health. This is something that really affects people with breathing problems and allergies. This can cause asthma attacks, missed school and work, and even further health problems. The big factor that causes this is mildew that grows in your vents. Everyone has smelled that awful burning smell when you use your heater for the first time. That is the heat burning off mildew that has grown in your vents. During the summer when your AC is running it is a nice cool and dark place for it to grow.

Another important fact that most do not realize is the money they will save by keeping their air ducts cleaned. When the ducts are dirty your air condition has to run longer to cool/heat your home. This is cause by the built up debris in your vent and duct work. By keeping your AC and ducts cleaned and maintained you will lower your energy cost each year.

Signs that you need to have your air ducts checked:

  • Visibly dirty vents
  • Black marks on your carpet along your walls and doorways (This is known as air filtration)
  • Allergies
  • Older home (If you just purchased a home or rent and do not know if the air ducts have ever been cleaned)

So make sure to call us today and set up your air duct inspection!


Removing fingernail polish

There have been many situations where fingernail polish has ended up on your carpet. Either you made a mistake when applying it yourself or the kids decided to play dress up that day. When this happens people usually figure its a hopeless situation and leave it or you get the do-it-yourself people who come to the rescue. The down fall to most of the people who try to remove it themselves is that they might use the wrong materials to attempt the removal with. This can lead to permanent staining, discoloration, and even fiber damage.

Do not fear though because most polish can be removed safely without calling your carpet cleaner. This can be done with a product you use ever day to remove the same polish from your fingernails. Yes that’s right polish remover! The important part of this process is using the right type of remover. If you just run and grab your remover without checking it first you can end up with the same damage mentioned above. The key is making sure it is a non acetone remover. The non acetone allows it to safely remove the polish without bleaching or destroying your carpet fibers.

Once you have the non acetone remover you want to test a spot first to make sure it will work properly. You do not want to rush over and empty your polish remover on the stain in a panic. Apply some of your non acetone remover to a white cloth and gently agitate an are of the stain. You should notice the polish transferring to the cloth fairly quickly. If it is removing without any problems just repeat until the stain is completely gone. Make sure not to scrub your fibers roughly as this can cause friction which breaks down the fibers.

If this method does not work for you, or you just do not feel comfortable doing it yourself, feel free to call and have one of our technicians come and assist you. You can find our number on the contact page so feel free to Contact Us for any questions or help.