Back to school specials!

Well it is that time of the year again. Summer vacation has come and gone and it is now time for a new school year. We are excited to offer great specials to help you get your home back in order. Now that the kids are going to school each day its time to get those carpets back to looking how they did before all the fun filled summer days. All those great sleep overs, parties, BBQ’s and family get togethers really did a number a number on your floor and its time to clean it up.

Also we have had a boom in the number of college students returning to town to begin the new year as well. One thing parents might have ran into was the condition of the carpets their kids are now living on. Maybe the carpet wasn’t cleaned as well as it it should be or maybe not even cleaned at all! Do not worry because we can help you with these needs as well. We are offering once again our many specials that help people get the affordable, but also great, cleaning that is needed.

Call us today to check and see which of our specials fit your cleaning needs. So welcome back students! Lets make this a wonderful and very successful school year!