Don’t let kool-aid mess up your day!

Did you know that in most cases with juices and kool-aid we can get them out of your carpet. A lot of carpet cleaners do not offer to even touch kool-aid stains. Either because they do not carry the right types of removal product or just lack of knowledge. Most types of juices like this can be removed though and Dollars worth can do it. We use a specific type of product and heat transfer removal method. Make sure to never try and remove the juices yourself.

The worse thing you can do is try and take care of stains without knowledge of what is safe for carpets. We have seen a lot of bad situations from people attempting to remove juice stains. One huge no no for anyone to start with is bleach. Never in any situation or dilution is it safe to put bleach on your carpet. I have ran into people who have said they diluted it to where there was almost no bleach at all. Dilution does not help and your carpet can still be bleached.

So if you have pesky juice stains on your floor give us a call and let us come check it out. We will evaluate the stains and make sure to test some of them before attempting to remove every spot.

Wet weather blues!

With all this rain, ice and wet weather comes mud as well. All though you might try your best to keep people from tracking mud and dirt in on your floors it always seems to happen. Give us a call and set up an appointment today. Get rid of the worries and let us come take care of your dirty carpets!