About time to start worrying about your air ducts.

The summer is quickly coming to an end and with that hopefully these hot days. With the end of the hot days comes the cool days and the use of those heaters. We all have turned that heat on for the first time and barely could breath with the harsh odors. That burning smell is just what it seems. During the summer your AC cools your air ducts giving a perfect place for bacteria to grow. Also over time dust and trash build up as well. When you first hit that heat all of this debris begins to burn off. As you may realize already this is not healthy at all to breathe.

Let us solve this problem for you this year. Before it is time to start using your heater let us come in and inspect your vents. Once we show you some of the things hiding in your ducts you will be quick to let us clean them for you. We will make sure they are cleaned properly and also sanitized to make sure you breathe a little easier this winter!