Keep on schedule with your carpet cleanings!

The industry standard for getting your carpets cleaned is every 8-12 months. This schedule will help keep your carpets cleaned and also prolong the life of your carpet. How often you get it cleaned is really up to you based on your amount of traffic. As long as it falls between that time frame you are properly maintaining your carpets.

Also if you are into keeping your carpets looking as new as possible you should ask about carpet protector. When a carpet is manufactured in the factory it is given a coat of protector. This coat does not last for ever so soon your carpet will be left unprotected. The next time you get your carpets cleaned ask about carpet protector as well.

Call today and set up your next carpet cleaning. Remember that Easter is just around the corner so make sure your floors are looking great for all your guests!

Getting ready for Easter!

With March here it won’t be to long before you will be getting ready for those Easter guests. Make sure to plan ahead and get everything taken care of before hand so you can have less stress for Easter. Call now to get your carpets or upholstery ready for guests. Holidays always bring a busier schedule so make sure to get your appointment scheduled now.

Don’t let kool-aid mess up your day!

Did you know that in most cases with juices and kool-aid we can get them out of your carpet. A lot of carpet cleaners do not offer to even touch kool-aid stains. Either because they do not carry the right types of removal product or just lack of knowledge. Most types of juices like this can be removed though and Dollars worth can do it. We use a specific type of product and heat transfer removal method. Make sure to never try and remove the juices yourself.

The worse thing you can do is try and take care of stains without knowledge of what is safe for carpets. We have seen a lot of bad situations from people attempting to remove juice stains. One huge no no for anyone to start with is bleach. Never in any situation or dilution is it safe to put bleach on your carpet. I have ran into people who have said they diluted it to where there was almost no bleach at all. Dilution does not help and your carpet can still be bleached.

So if you have pesky juice stains on your floor give us a call and let us come check it out. We will evaluate the stains and make sure to test some of them before attempting to remove every spot.

Wet weather blues!

With all this rain, ice and wet weather comes mud as well. All though you might try your best to keep people from tracking mud and dirt in on your floors it always seems to happen. Give us a call and set up an appointment today. Get rid of the worries and let us come take care of your dirty carpets!

We offer a great referral program.

We offer a great referral plan for all of our customers! Once you have used us and realize the great job that we do you will get to take advantage of our great referral program. For each new client that you send us we will reward you a with 10% referral certificate (10% of their ticket price). This certificate can be used towards your next cleaning. The more you refer the more you can save. You can even save them and stack them up. You could wind up getting everything cleaned for free!

Simply refer your family, friends, neighbors and co-workers (remind them to mention your name), and we will reward you automatically. So make sure to call and set up your appointment if you have never used us so you can get on track to saving money. Or just start referring your friends if you have already used us.

Start out the new year with clean carpets!

Now that all the holidays are done and the days are back to normal it is time to get those carpets freshened up. Start the new year out right and have your carpets thoroughly cleaned. Steam cleaning will not only remove those pesky stains better but also help remove skin mites and other creepy crawlers. While you are at it make sure to check on carpet protector to keep your carpets protected throughout the year.

Call us and set up your appointment today!

Frozen pipes can lead to a lot of problems!

We would like to remind everyone that in these times of extreme cold that you make sure your pipes are taken care of. Make sure they are well insulated and that you even turn some on at night with a steady drip to help prevent freezing. also you can ope the cabinets below the sinks to allow heat to reach the pipes. Do not feel just because you are in a house that you do not have to worry about frozen or busted pipes. It can happen to any style of home.

If you do have a busted pipe make sure to turn off your water immediately. Always make sure to know where your water cut off valves are. Once you have done that and have contacted a plumber make sure to call us to remove the water and quickly begin drying your home. We offer 24/7 emergency water damage services.

You can have your car upholstery professionally cleaned!

Anyone gotten in their cars lately and noticed they really need to get their upholstery cleaned. If you wash your own car to make sure it’s done right, or even save money by using a car wash, there is no need to go pay $100 or more to get your car detailed. To most that would be the only way to get your vehicle upholstery actually steamed cleaned. Which is better than just vacuuming. Worry no more because we clean vehicle carpets as well.

We offer an affordable and strong way to make sure your car stays looking as new as possible. We offer the same great work, soaps and equipment we use to clean your home. So don’t settle by using someone who washes cars and uses a wet vac. Call us today to set up your appointment. Especially before your holiday travels. Or even feel free to drop us a message here on Facebook for more info!

Protect your carpet during the holidays!

A lot of people are getting their carpets cleaned this time of the year in preparation of the holidays. Not many are thinking about carpet protector to make the cleanings last. During the holidays dinners are a big part of traditions which means spills are also a big possibility. Carpet protector can keep those spills from setting in and not only save that fresh cleaning but also your carpet in general.

Most carpets come from the factory with a coat of protector on them but over time with age and just regular traffic these protective barriers wear off. That is why it is important to have protector reapplied to your carpet after you have them professionally cleaned. Right now we are offering some great holiday specials on protector and many other services. so make sure to call and schedule your appointments today!

Christmas is just a few weeks away!

Now that everyone is done getting stuffed it is time to get ready for Christmas and New Years. Make sure to call today and take advantage of our great holiday specials to make sure your carpet or upholstery looks its best for all your visitors! Make sure to get your appointments scheduled before things get to hectic.