Are you still trying to get your house back in shape after the holidays? We know that holidays are busy times and you sometimes need help. Call us today and let us get rid of stains and spills from your holiday entertainment. We can take care of both your carpet and upholstery.

Memorial Day just around the corner!

With Memorial Day coming up people are planning cook outs and get together with friends and family. So why not schedule your carpet cleaning appointment to get your home ready. Also take care of those spring cleaning needs as well. Make sure your carpets are looking nice and clean for all your guests this Memorial Day!

We are also offering great spring cleaning specials so make sure to call and ask about them today.

We offer a great referral program.

We offer a great referral plan for all of our customers! Once you have used us and realize the great job that we do you will get to take advantage of our great referral program. For each new client that you send us we will reward you a with 10% referral certificate (10% of their ticket price). This certificate can be used towards your next cleaning. The more you refer the more you can save. You can even save them and stack them up. You could wind up getting everything cleaned for free!

Simply refer your family, friends, neighbors and co-workers (remind them to mention your name), and we will reward you automatically. So make sure to call and set up your appointment if you have never used us so you can get on track to saving money. Or just start referring your friends if you have already used us.

Getting ready for Turkey Day!

With Thanksgiving just around the corner make sure to call and have your carpets taken care of. If you are hosting from your home this year you want to make sure it looks the best it can for your guest. Or if a family member has been kind enough to offer their place you can help out by offering to help get their carpets cleaned.

We are offering some great specials right now for the holidays and if you are a current customer you can you this time of the year to take advantage of our customer referral program.

Holloween is almost here!

With Halloween coming up tomorrow make sure everyone stays safe when you are out trick or treating. Make sure to wear something reflective and always go in groups. We know the kids will have all kinds of chocolates and other goodies that could lead to some possible messes. So parents if you have any accidents make sure to call us and get them taken care of before any stains occur!

Gameday parties!

Football season is in full swing and we know you are supporting your favorite teams. this might mean you are throwing those famous tailgating parties you have at your home each year. If this is the case you might find yourself running across ugly spills and messes. If this is the case you need to make sure your carpets stay looking their best by keeping them cleaned with Dollars Worth! Make sure to take advantage of our COGO deal before it expires.

Introducing COGO Program!

If you are a smart shopper and love hunting for coupons and specials then you will love our new program. Everyone these days knows the term BOGO (Buy One Get One) and many stores offer great ways to save their shoppers money. Well Dollars Worth now offers COGO (Clean One Get One) to help our customers save money as well.

Every time we offer a new COGO we will post it on our home page to let our customers know. With in the article will be a coupon that shows you exactly what you will get. You simply click to open into the print window and print the coupon. Then just let us know which coupons you have and present them to the technician upon payment. If there has been several articles posted and you feel you can not find the COGO do not worry. We have a category set aside just for COGO coupons. So you can always look to the right of the page to the category list and see if there are any posts under that category.

About time to start worrying about your air ducts.

The summer is quickly coming to an end and with that hopefully these hot days. With the end of the hot days comes the cool days and the use of those heaters. We all have turned that heat on for the first time and barely could breath with the harsh odors. That burning smell is just what it seems. During the summer your AC cools your air ducts giving a perfect place for bacteria to grow. Also over time dust and trash build up as well. When you first hit that heat all of this debris begins to burn off. As you may realize already this is not healthy at all to breathe.

Let us solve this problem for you this year. Before it is time to start using your heater let us come in and inspect your vents. Once we show you some of the things hiding in your ducts you will be quick to let us clean them for you. We will make sure they are cleaned properly and also sanitized to make sure you breathe a little easier this winter!

Back to school specials!

Well it is that time of the year again. Summer vacation has come and gone and it is now time for a new school year. We are excited to offer great specials to help you get your home back in order. Now that the kids are going to school each day its time to get those carpets back to looking how they did before all the fun filled summer days. All those great sleep overs, parties, BBQ’s and family get togethers really did a number a number on your floor and its time to clean it up.

Also we have had a boom in the number of college students returning to town to begin the new year as well. One thing parents might have ran into was the condition of the carpets their kids are now living on. Maybe the carpet wasn’t cleaned as well as it it should be or maybe not even cleaned at all! Do not worry because we can help you with these needs as well. We are offering once again our many specials that help people get the affordable, but also great, cleaning that is needed.

Call us today to check and see which of our specials fit your cleaning needs. So welcome back students! Lets make this a wonderful and very successful school year!


We have added a new testimonial page to our site. Over the years that we have been in business our main form of advertisement has been word of mouth. A happy customer will tell their friends about you and help your business grow. We have a great customer base and work hard to keep them happy that they have chose Dollars Worth. Now all our customers can come to our site and share their experience with everyone.

Just go to the testimonial page and click the button to create a review. Then just follow the steps and there you go. This same page will also display all previously posted testimonials. We look forward to seeing our reviews as well!