That time of the year again!

With spring rapidly approaching is getting time to start planning all your cleaning. All of this rain and cold weather has combined for some muddy yards and dirty feet. Of course the first place these dirty feet go is right across your carpet. So it is time to start getting your appointments set up to get your carpet or upholstery cleaned. We run a lot of spring cleaning specials so there is bound to be something to fit your budget.

This time of the year usually starts getting busier for us as well so make sure to call and get your appointment scheduled.

5 important questions to ask a carpet cleaner.

I was reading an interesting article that talked about telling the difference between a legit carpet cleaning company and a phony. It talked about these companies out there that try and suck you in by offering great prices. Some so great that it is to good to be true. Well carpet cleaning, like anything, you get what you pay for. Some of these companies that offer to clean your home for little of nothing usually can do it because they are not using proper soaps or even taking the proper time to clean your carpet or upholstery.

Below are a few questions you should always ask your next carpet cleaner:

1. Do you offer free estimates?

Dollars Worth does offer free estimates. We even go a step further for those that need things done in a hurry. We will come prepared to do the job for you so if you like the price we are there and ready to go.

2. What carpet cleaning method do you use?

Dollars Worth uses hot water extraction, or steam cleaning, which is the recommended carpet cleaning method by the majority of carpet manufacturers. A a carpet A cleaning technician’s experience can play a big role in the quality of work done. We recommends doing research on the carpet cleaning company, including checking consumer reviews.

3. Are you bonded and insured?

Improper chemical use could ruin your carpets, so make sure a carpet cleaning company has bonding and insurance. We recommend requesting to see proof of insurance from the company. Also point out areas of concern with your carpet cleaner upfront.

4. How long will it take for my carpet to dry?

We tell our customers to allow around 3 to 4 hours of dry time. This could be longer at times for complete carpet drying, due to many variables such as fiber type and humidity. However, there are ways to shorten the drying time, such as using fans or turning the heat up in the winter.

5. Is your work guaranteed?

Dollars Worth stands behind our work and fully guarantee our job. If you start to see stains returning a few days later feel free to call us and we will come and take care of the problem. We do recommend that you call as soon as you see the spots returning of course. We have run into situations where people have waited more than a month to call back or mention anything about it. After a certain period of time it is harder to determine whether the spot has returned or is there due to new soiling. Also the wait can make some stains harder to remove.

Keep your home cooler this summer!

Help keep your AC working its best by getting your air ducts cleaned! We all have been feeling these hot days and summer is just barely getting started. This means it will probably be a very hot summer. So we really want to make sure our air conditioners are working at there best. Debris in the air ducts can severely hinder the air flow of your unit. Also this makes cooling time for your home longer. In turn you will see higher power bills this summer.

So let’s keep our power bills down and our homes cooler by scheduling your air ducts to be cleaned as soon as possible. We just basically covered the money side of having your vents cleaned but when you call and schedule ask about the health concerns as well!

Call us today at 205-553-9923 to schedule your appointment.

Slowing down carpet wear.

Over time you carpet wear down and there is nothing that can be done about that. We can how ever keep it looking good and lasting as long as possible. Below are just some different examples of things you can do or have us do to keep your carpet looking new.

  • Have your carpets professionally cleaned at least once a year.
  • Have carpet protector reapplied to your freshly cleaned carpet every couple of cleans.
  • Vacuum thoroughly at least once a week.
  • Do not slide furniture around the floor.
  • Place mats at entrances to your home for people to wipe their feet before entering (Soils and oil from yards and driveways act almost like sand paper. Over time it grinds your carpet fibers down)
  • If you have rugs in your home make sure to vacuum under them or even rearrange them from time to time. (This makes sure that the fibers under the carpet gets fluffed back up.)
  • If you start to notice wrinkles make sure to call and let us come and take care of them for you. (Wrinkles get worse over time and further break down your carpet. We can do any thing from small lumps to full room stretching. If you have had your carpet for a few years and notice it is lose you can also call us in before it wrinkles.)

All of these are pretty simple steps to make sure your carpet lasts as long as possible. If you have any wrinkles, or anything else that might concern you, feel free to call us today and have us come to your home and take care of the problem.


Why should I get my carpets cleaned?

In the past, people only cleaned their carpets when it was visibly soiled. The misconception was that they needed to wait as long as possible because cleaning caused them to soil quicker. The source of this misconception was that when wall to wall carpet first became popular, there were very limited ways to do them. the most common method was to brush soaps made of coconut oil into the carpet and let it dry. This method left a sticky oil that attracted residue, and has not been used in the industry in years.

Lets take a few minutes to discuss the three basic reasons why you should clean your carpets and upholstery on a regular basis.

1. Health is the largest reason that everyone should have their carpets cleaned regularly. Dr. Michael Berry, deputy director for the National Center for Environmental Assessment, US Environmental Protection Agency, in his book, Cleaning for Health, Protecting the Built Environment, points out these seven things that deal with maintaining the indoor environment.

1. Carpet acts like a filter in the indoor environment by trapping soils, gases, and human or animal dander.
2. Excess build up of soils in carpet may have and adverse reaction on the indoor environment.
3. Soils, volatile organic compounds (VOC) and biopollutants be remove to maintain a healthy indoor environment.
4. Maximize the extraction of pollutants from the building envelope.
5. Minimize chemical, particle, and moister residue.
6. Minimize human exposure to pollutants.
7. Properly dispose of cleaning wastes.

Studies have shown that Hot water extraction is the best method of removing not only everyday soils and pollutants, but also greatly reduce the number of biopollutants in carpet and upholstery, not only because of the high heat, but because of the fact that pollutants are removed from the home to the truck and then safely and environmentally responsibly disposed of. The bottom line is that carpet needs to be cleaned when it is biologically soiled, and should not be delayed until it’s surface is soiled.

2. Asset management is a concern that most people don’t consider when having their carpets cleaned. What I mean is that carpet, on average, is a home owners third largest investment. With the average price for carpet being around $24.00 per yard, the average home has several thousand dollars in carpeting alone. Routine cleaning is recommended by the carpet manufacturers to not only maintain appearance, but to also promote a long life for the carpet. Soiling is the number one enemy and destroyer of carpets. The average piece of sand has around 25 cutting edges on it that work to degrade carpet every time it is exposed to traffic. Modern carpets are designed to hide oiling, so that by the time a carpet appears soiled on the surface, it may already be to late to reverse some of the damage.

3. Appearance cleaning is third, and unfortunately, the biggest reason that most people clean their carpets and upholstery, While dirty carpets are an embarrassing eyesore, I hope that in the above sections you have learned that cleaning only for the appearance of the carpet is not the only reason to have your carpets cleaned regularly. With the above stated facts about how modern carpets hide soils, I would also like to point out a few more facts for you. The more soiled a carpet is, the more harsh of detergents are needed to clean them. These more powerful solutions can impair the stain repellence of newer generation carpets with any kind of stain guard on them. Also some spots and spills that are on carpet may permanently damage the carpet and become permanent stains if not removed as soon as possible.

Keep on schedule with your carpet cleanings!

The industry standard for getting your carpets cleaned is every 8-12 months. This schedule will help keep your carpets cleaned and also prolong the life of your carpet. How often you get it cleaned is really up to you based on your amount of traffic. As long as it falls between that time frame you are properly maintaining your carpets.

Also if you are into keeping your carpets looking as new as possible you should ask about carpet protector. When a carpet is manufactured in the factory it is given a coat of protector. This coat does not last for ever so soon your carpet will be left unprotected. The next time you get your carpets cleaned ask about carpet protector as well.

Call today and set up your next carpet cleaning. Remember that Easter is just around the corner so make sure your floors are looking great for all your guests!

Getting ready for Easter!

With March here it won’t be to long before you will be getting ready for those Easter guests. Make sure to plan ahead and get everything taken care of before hand so you can have less stress for Easter. Call now to get your carpets or upholstery ready for guests. Holidays always bring a busier schedule so make sure to get your appointment scheduled now.

Don’t let kool-aid mess up your day!

Did you know that in most cases with juices and kool-aid we can get them out of your carpet. A lot of carpet cleaners do not offer to even touch kool-aid stains. Either because they do not carry the right types of removal product or just lack of knowledge. Most types of juices like this can be removed though and Dollars worth can do it. We use a specific type of product and heat transfer removal method. Make sure to never try and remove the juices yourself.

The worse thing you can do is try and take care of stains without knowledge of what is safe for carpets. We have seen a lot of bad situations from people attempting to remove juice stains. One huge no no for anyone to start with is bleach. Never in any situation or dilution is it safe to put bleach on your carpet. I have ran into people who have said they diluted it to where there was almost no bleach at all. Dilution does not help and your carpet can still be bleached.

So if you have pesky juice stains on your floor give us a call and let us come check it out. We will evaluate the stains and make sure to test some of them before attempting to remove every spot.

Wet weather blues!

With all this rain, ice and wet weather comes mud as well. All though you might try your best to keep people from tracking mud and dirt in on your floors it always seems to happen. Give us a call and set up an appointment today. Get rid of the worries and let us come take care of your dirty carpets!

Start out the new year with clean carpets!

Now that all the holidays are done and the days are back to normal it is time to get those carpets freshened up. Start the new year out right and have your carpets thoroughly cleaned. Steam cleaning will not only remove those pesky stains better but also help remove skin mites and other creepy crawlers. While you are at it make sure to check on carpet protector to keep your carpets protected throughout the year.

Call us and set up your appointment today!