Introducing COGO Program!

If you are a smart shopper and love hunting for coupons and specials then you will love our new program. Everyone these days knows the term BOGO (Buy One Get One) and many stores offer great ways to save their shoppers money. Well Dollars Worth now offers COGO (Clean One Get One) to help our customers save money as well.

Every time we offer a new COGO we will post it on our home page to let our customers know. With in the article will be a coupon that shows you exactly what you will get. You simply click to open into the print window and print the coupon. Then just let us know which coupons you have and present them to the technician upon payment. If there has been several articles posted and you feel you can not find the COGO do not worry. We have a category set aside just for COGO coupons. So you can always look to the right of the page to the category list and see if there are any posts under that category.