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Pet Odor Treatment / Removal

Dog & cat

You can finally get rid of those offensive pet odors.

Pet odors can be a real problem. Most carpet cleaners do not know how to effectively remove pet odors. We not only remove the odor. we guarantee it! And no, you don’t have to get rid of your pet.

You have two levels of odor treatment to choose from. The Minor Odor Treatment is effective, but not guaranteed. This process is generally recommended when it is not feasible to pull up the carpeting or when the odor is not severe. Many times the padding of the carpet is saturated and cannot be treated from the top of the carpet. With our Major Odor Treatment process, we can reach the source of the problem.

Minor Odor Treatment

With this process, the affected areas are saturated with an odor treatment product to penetrate and make contact with all of the carpet pile, and heavier areas may be injected with a special injection apparatus.

This process will reduce the odor significantly, but will not eliminate the problem if the backing of the carpet and/or the pad is affected.

Minor odor treatment is not guaranteed.

Major Odor Treatment

This is a full-blown odor treatment designed to eliminate the odor.

This treatment is guaranteed IF we are allowed to reach all of the affected areas.

The carpet is pulled up and the cushion/padding discarded. The carpet is thoroughly cleaned on both sides with a special product that neutralizes the urine. The subfloor is also neutralized.

The next step is to apply a special odor barrier to the backing of the carpet, to the subfloor and the baseboard. The carpet is then sprayed heavily with an odor treatment product.