Dollars Worth also offers many repairs, and even stain removal, to help keep your carpet lasting as long as possible. These can be done either at the time of the job or at its own scheduled time. A technician will always check out the area first and let you know what needs to be done and a possible price before beginning.

Repairs offered:

  • Patches – This is where the technician uses a piece of carpet to replace a damaged area or hole. (There must be a scrap piece or not so noticeable area to take the carpet from)
  • Stretching (full room or partial) – Over time carpet can begin to wrinkle. this can either be cause by poor installation or simply age. The wrinkles can leave creases, wear carpet down, or even cause tripping hazards. A tightly installed carpet lasts much longer.
  • Seam Repair – Some times during carpet installation multiple pieces of carpet have to be put together to complete the job. These joining areas are called seams. There are times these seams may weaken and begin coming a part. It is best to take care of this problem when you first notice it. A technician can reseam and repair your carpet.
  • Spot Dying – If you have light discolored area in your carpet there is some hope. Our technicians can hide them with a dye to make them less noticeable. The technician will check for the size and lack of color before attempting. (The size must be smaller than the palm of your hand and must still retain most of the colors)
  • Carpet Gripper/Tack strips – We can also replace these areas of your carpet as well.
  • Burns – Depending on the size and severity burns can be fixed. (See patches for guidelines on repairing burns as in most cases it requires a patch)

Stain Removal: (Prices are based on amount and size of stains. Also all stains may not come up like others)

  • Koolaid
  • Ink
  • Rust
  • Wax
  • Grease
  • Blood
  • Wine
  • Mustard
    And much more!………..


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