You can have your car upholstery professionally cleaned!

Anyone gotten in their cars lately and noticed they really need to get their upholstery cleaned. If you wash your own car to make sure it’s done right, or even save money by using a car wash, there is no need to go pay $100 or more to get your car detailed. To most that would be the only way to get your vehicle upholstery actually steamed cleaned. Which is better than just vacuuming. Worry no more because we clean vehicle carpets as well.

We offer an affordable and strong way to make sure your car stays looking as new as possible. We offer the same great work, soaps and equipment we use to clean your home. So don’t settle by using someone who washes cars and uses a wet vac. Call us today to set up your appointment. Especially before your holiday travels. Or even feel free to drop us a message here on Facebook for more info!